Jaffari Sports Committee Hosts a Successful Ramadan Sports Tournament

The Jaffari Sports Committee recently concluded its Annual Ramadan Sports Tournament 2024/1445, marking a month of intense competition and community spirit. The tournament, which spanned the entire month of Ramadan, featured a range of sports for all ages and skill levels, culminating in an exciting finale that left participants and spectators eagerly anticipating next year’s event.

Women’s Tournament: Volleyball and Badminton

The women’s tournament was a vibrant display of skills and sportsmanship, with participants competing in volleyball and badminton. The volleyball matches drew large crowds, with teams demonstrating exceptional teamwork and energy. The badminton competition was equally intense, showcasing a diverse range of talent among female athletes.

Volleyball Winners, Runners-up, and MVP:

  • Winners: Toronto Spikers
  • Runners-up: That’s What She Set
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP): Alaysha Merali

Badminton Winners and Runners-up:

  • POOL A:
    • Winner: Zeenat Ajwani & Saarah Ajwani
    • Runner-up: Rouhiya Rehan Ali & Israa Rehan Ali

  • POOL B:
    • Winner: Sana Najafi & Maleeha Meghjee
    • Runner-up: Tahera Alidina & Fatema Dewji

  • POOL C:
    • Winner: Hafsa Abbas & Zainab Abdallah
    • Runner-up: Alishia Virji & Sumaiya Hasham

Congratulations to all the winners for their achievements!

Men’s Tournament: Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, and Cricket

The men’s tournament was equally competitive, with a range of sports offering exciting moments and memorable victories.

Volleyball Winners, Runners-up, and MVP:

Cup Winners: PharmalinxRunners-up Cup: Fazal For Finance
Abbas Rai (C)Muhaymin (C)
Zahid YusufaliAbbas M/ Abbasali
Hassan SheriffAbbas Dhalla
Mustafa RashidMohammed Virji
Hassan JafferAqeel Parpia
Shiraz SherrifKomax
Ali SherrifMehdi Ladha
Mehdi BadamiDaniyal Mehdi
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP): Abbas Rai
  • Best Nettie: Zahid Yusuf

Badminton Winners and Runners-up:

  • Advance Warriors:
    • Winners: Mazhar Somani & Sajeed Haji
    • Runners-up: Hasnain Panju & Khalil Khalfan

  • Intermediate Smashers:
    • Winners: Yusuf Yusuf & Asad Manji
    • Runners-up: Mohamedali Dharamshi & Ali Abbas Manji

  • Casual Stars:
    • Winners: Murtuza Kazmi & Rayhaan Datoo
    • Runners-up: Faheem Mazher & Kamran Manek

  • Young Shuttlers:
    • Winners: Mohamed Akeel Hasham & Hasanain Rashid
    • Runners-up: Hasan Tharia & Hadi Kazim Sadiq

Table Tennis Winners and Runners-up:

  • Under 13 Singles:
    • Winner: Saheim Noormohamed
    • Runner-up: Suhail Abbas Moledina

  • Under 13 Doubles:
    • Winners: Mustafa Kamalia & Ali Somji
    • Runners-up: Suhail Abbas Moledina & Abbas Mahdi Khimji

  • Under 18 Singles:
    • Winner: Kayan Najarali
    • Runner-up: Ali Huda

  • Under 18 Doubles:
    • Winners: Kayan Najarali & Haadi Dhalla
    • Runners-up: Aydin Kamalia & Mustafa Kamalia

  • Open Singles:
    • Winner: Aadil Dhalla
    • Runner-up: Fazleabbas Janmohamed

  • Open Doubles:
    • Winners: Ammar Dhalla & Aadil Dhalla
    • Runners-up: Fazleabbas Janmohamed & Yousuf Ali

Cricket Winners and Runners-up:

Winners: Team EnglandRunners-up: Team Sri Lanka
Abbas DhallaAdnaan Jaffer
Hassan RashidAli Hemraj
Kashif LakhaniAlihussein Merali
Kazim MerchantHisham Ali
Mohammad Raza DossaKumail Meghani
Mohammed Abbas NasserMuhammad Ali
Mustafa RashidTaha Ali
Shayan HussainTaleb Zaidi

Closing Remarks

The Annual Ramadan Sports Tournament 2024/1445 was a resounding success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the volunteers, organizers, and participants. The event not only celebrated athletic skill but also reinforced the community spirit that is at the heart of the Jaffari Sports Committee.

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