What Happens During the Week?

At Jaffari Sports, there’s always something exciting happening on our courts! Join us for a week filled with sports for everyone in the family, including badminton, cricket, volleyball, table tennis and our newest addition Pickleball


A Recap of Ramadhan Squash Tournament

The first Saturday of Ramadhan marked a jubilant gathering of squash enthusiasts at the Squash Buddies event, a tradition proudly initiated by Sadiq Nathani and organized under the adept guidance of Hasnain Karim. This year’s event, held on March 16th, witnessed a vibrant display of talent and camaraderie, as players from various skill levels came…
Close Up Photo of Badminton Rackets and Shuttlecock

Irfan Mawji and Shoaib Ahmed Triumph at ISM Badminton Club Tournament

Saturday, March 2, 2024, marked a momentous occasion in the world of badminton as the ISM Badminton Club hosted its 6th Neighborhood Tournament. Among the competitors who captured the attention of spectators were Shoaib Ahmed and Irfan Mawji. From the outset, their exceptional skills and unwavering determination were evident, setting the stage for an exhilarating…
Close-Up Photo of a White and Red Shuttlecock

Smashing Success: The Remarkable Journey of Shabir Dattu

In the world of sports, there are individuals who not only excel but also leave a lasting impact on their communities. Meet Shabir Dattu, a name synonymous with talent, determination, and a passion for indoor sports. Hailing from a community that prioritizes indoor sports, Shabir’s journey began at the tender age of eleven. He took…
Interior of modern spacious fitness club with various sports machines and equipment placed on parquet floor near panoramic windows

JCC Fitness Center Walkthrough

Unveiling the Revitalized Fitness Center The Jaffari Community Center was abuzz with excitement as members eagerly gathered for a significant occasion—a grand reopening of the meticulously refreshed fitness center. Guided by directors Mohamed Jivraj and Zahra Jessa, the event promised to be a memorable affair, drawing eager participants to witness the unveiling of the enhanced…
Silhouette of Mosque Below Cloudy Sky during Daytime

Jaffari Sports Committee’s Visit to Masumeen and Razavi Centers

Located at the heart of our community, where faith and togetherness intersect, stand the revered Masumeen and Razavi Centers – symbols of our Islamic heritage and communal unity. Recently, these esteemed centers warmly welcomed a special delegation from the Jaffari Sports Committee (JSC), marking a significant moment of camaraderie and shared goals. The visit was…