Football Stadium

Mission and Vision

The Jaffari Sports Committee (JSC) is a sub-committee of the ISIJ of Toronto and is committed to ensuring the well being of the community is maintained and enhanced. Our mission is to advance the social, educational and recreational interests of its members and for that purpose to provide such amenities, activities and other facilities within the boundary of shariah. We plan to equip the gym for diverse activities that would serve multiple sports. Our goal is to ensure all community members actively participate in enhancing and living an active lifestyle. We look to provide an atmosphere whereby each member of the community can enhance their physical, mental and nutritional well being.

The JSC oversees the Jaffari Community Center (JCC) gym, games room, fitness centre and the outdoor soccer field. With the assistance of the sports coordinators, we are able to offer various sports for men, women, and youth.

Our Vision:
  • Promote physical wellbeing of the ISIJ community
  • Promote Brotherhood and Sisterhood through sports
  • Enhance ISIJ sporting facilities to meet par
  • Optimize facility usage to accommodate wide age groups amongst Men and Ladies
  • Expand sporting facility to accommodate growth of the community
Our 2024 Objectives:
  • Make facility available for all age groups
  • Promote Kids and Youths sporting activities (Boys and Girls)
  • Engage elders of community
  • Establish seamless gym booking system/process
  • Refresh the Fitness Center and promote active membership in the Men’s and Ladies Fitness Center
  • Refresh the Games Room and promote activities