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Ladies Fitness Center


Flexible terms – Committing to a membership can be nerve-racking. That’s why we offer flexible membership plans and payment options – along with membership renewal and family discounts.

Student Only – Student fitness memberships are not available online as proof of student ID is required upon purchase.

Weekend Only –  Introducing our newest membership option: Weekend Only. Now you can maximize your fitness routine by enjoying access to JCC Fitness exclusively on weekends. Join today and make the most of your weekends with us!

Seniors Only –  Presenting our latest membership option exclusively for seniors. Seniors can now enjoy access to JCC Fitness facilities.

* For the clarity of our community, please note that a “non-ISIJ member” refers to an individual who is part of the community but is not registered in the ISIJ community.

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Sayeda Akbar Somani
Ladies Fitness Instructor

Salaam Alaykum! My name is Sayeda Akbar Somani, I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 6+ years now and a Certified Life Coach as of 2022! I grew up being part of an active and adventurous family, sports and healthy living is part of who I am. My love for movement, exercise and sports translates into the idea of constant growth and development. I am here to deliver safe and effective training, guiding and inspiring you to develop healthy lifestyle habits all while reaching your goals.

Through my education and knowledge as a Certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer my approach to health and wellness is holistic because beyond our physical health comes our mental health. I’m eager and excited to dedicate myself more to helping other women who know they have the potential to become the best versions of themselves in and outside of the gym by putting in the work and dedication to grow through what you go through.

Sarah Kermalli
Ladies Fitness Instructor

Giving people the knowledge and tools to discover the joy of moving their bodies—that moment when they find strength and belief in themselves—is a thrill to me. That’s when Pilates & Movement becomes so much more meaningful than just another way to sweat. It becomes a magical synergy where everyone learn how to be stronger, healthier and happier in mind and body.

Sarah Kermalli found Pilates in university to cope with stress. What started as a curiosity because a full fledged passion with so many benefits that have been manifested in her life such as strength through her pregnancies, ziyarats, daily routines and navigating the pain created through a torn disc.

June Fitness Sessions

Our June sessions are finally here! Please review the poster carefully to find the session that interests you. We offer three types of classes:

  • Bootcamp with Sayeda Akbar
  • Pilates with Sarah Kermalli
  • Gentle Yoga with Fatima Jamal

When you register, indicate the number of sessions for each instructor and make sure to specify the session you’re signing up for in the comment box.

Date/time may be subject to change depending on mosque program

Enhance your Fitness Routine with a Diverse Range of Equipment

Embark on your wellness journey at our premier fitness center, where we redefine the workout experience. Bid farewell to mundane routines with our comprehensive selection of equipment tailored to enhance every aspect of your fitness regimen.
Engage in a dynamic cardio session atop our elliptical machines or push your limits on state-of-the-art treadmills and stationary bicycles.
Sculpt and strengthen with our diverse array of strength training machines, targeting specific muscle groups with precision. From the Shoulder Press and Chest Press to Leg Press, Leg Extension, and Leg Curl machines, we’ve got you covered.
Fine- tune your physique with equipment such as the Real Deltoid/ Pectoral Fly machine and the Abductor machine, ensuring a well-rounded approach to fitness.
Seeking muscle Growth and Definition? Explore our expansive collection of dumbbells across two racks, offering endless possibilities for strength training.

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